Fellow with Distinction

What is the Fellow with Distinction?

The designation Fellow with Distinction of the Academy is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon an Academy Active member. The Fellow with Distinction designation recognizes those who have made outstanding contributions to orthotics or prosthetics through leadership, publication, and presentation of concepts and research at national and international conferences.

Who can become a Fellow with Distinction?

Applicants must be Academy Fellows for three or more years immediately preceding application and be in good standing with the Academy.

What is required to become a Fellow with Distinction?

Applicants must attain points for their work in three areas: Academy leadership, shared knowledge through publishing or creation of Paul E. Leimkuehler Online Learning Center (OLC) modules, and lecturing that goes beyond what is required by one’s employer.

Successful applicants must earn points in each of these areas for a total of at least 25 points overall.

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Online Fellow with Distinction Application