JPO 2013 Vol. 25, Num. 2

Editor's Comments
David A. Boone, CP, MPH, PhD
Reliability of Digital Fluoroscopic Video for Assessing Axial and Mediolateral Movement of the Femur During Weight Bearing in Individuals with Transfemoral Amputations
Kathryn M. Werner, BS
Alison A. Linberg, DPT
Erik J. Wolf, PhD
The purpose of this study was to determine the reliability of using digital fluoroscopic video (DFV) to measure femoral position in individuals with transfemoral amputations while loading their prosthetic side with various loads. Digital fluoroscopic...
Center of Pressure Analysis During Gait of Elderly Adult Transfemoral Amputees
Marcelo Peduzzi de Castro, PT, MSc
Denise Soares, PE, MSc
Emília Mendes, MSc
Leandro Machado, PhD
In this study, an asymmetrical pattern was evidenced in transfemoral amputees' gait by CoP variables. The characterization of CoP in the control group and experimental group indicates that both the amputated limb and the sound limb are different from...
Training Strategies for Mitigating the Effect of Proportional Control on Classification in Pattern Recognition-Based Myoelectric Control
Erik Scheme, MScEE
Kevin Englehart, PhD
Because of a recent surge in the development of dexterous prosthetic devices, determining the clinical viability of multifunction myoelectric control has become paramount. Proportional control has been shown to greatly improve the usability of conven...
Evaluation of a Graduated Length Prosthetic Protocol for Bilateral Transfemoral Amputee Prosthetic Rehabilitation
Chrysta Irolla, MS, CP, MSPO
John Rheinstein, CP, FAAOP
Randy Richardson, CTP
Chad Simpson, BOCP
Kevin Carroll, MS, CP, FAAOP
One technique used to address the challenges faced by bilateral transfemoral amputees involves creating a series of reduced-length prostheses without knees, commonly referred to as stubbies, which condition patients to gradually transition to full-le...
Congenital Muscular Torticollis: Rehabilitation with a Customized Appliance
Krishna D. Prasad, BDS, MDS
Chethan Hegde, BDS, MDS
Namrata Shah, BDS, MDS
Manoj Shetty, BDS, MDS
This case report demonstrates that an indigenously designed customizable appliance could cost-effectively yet efficiently rehabilitate an 18-year-old female patient suffering from congenital muscular torticollis. A coordinated team effort brought abo...
Maintaining Function After an Amputation Revision: A Case Report
Samantha Staubach
Erin Sutton, BME
Revision to a higher amputation level is a common procedure, most often necessitated by injury to the residual limb, infection, ulceration, incision dehiscence, or critical limb ischemia. Patients can actually increase functional status after an ampu...