JPO 2013 Vol. 25, Num. 3

Editor's Comments
David A. Boone, CP, MPH, PhD
Investigation of the Quality of Life of Persons with a Transfemoral Amputation Who Use a C-Leg® Prosthetic Device
Damon William, DPT
Elizabeth Beasley, MS
Ashley Shaw, DPT
Microprocessor-controlled knees, such as the Ottobock C-Leg, have improved ambulatory function in transfemoral amputees. This study assesses the quality of life (QOL) of C-Leg users to determine the contributing factors. Ambulatory mobility was the s...
Activities of Daily Living: Genium Bionic Prosthetic Knee Compared with C-Leg
Andreas Kannenberg, MD, PhD
Britta Zacharias, Dipl-Ing (FH)
Milana Mileusnic, PhD
Martin Seyr, PhD
A biomechanical pilot study had revealed that compared with the C-Leg, the Genium Knee permits new activities, such as climbing stairs step-over-step and stepping over obstacles. This study investigated whether the Genium Knee is able to further impr...
Evaluation of the Benefits of a New Prosthetic Hip Joint System in Activities of Daily Function in Patients after Hip Disarticulation or Hemipelvectomy
Eva Ludwigs, Dipl-Ing (FH)
Andreas Kannenberg, MD, PhD
Daniela Wüstefeld, OT
This study evaluated changes in independence by use of a new prosthetic hip joint system. After a baseline interview and clinical mobility tests with their existing prosthesis, participants were fitted with a new prosthesis with the Helix3D Hip and a...
A Variable-Impedance Prosthetic Socket for a Transtibial Amputee Designed from Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data
David Moinina Sengeh, MS
Hugh Herr, PhD
The design of a variable impedance prosthetic (VIPr) socket for a transtibial amputee using CAD/CAM processes was evaluated. Compliant features were seamlessly integrated into a 3-D printed socket to achieve lower interface peak pressures over bony p...
A Study of the Rollover Shape in Unimpaired Persons
Michael Mitchell, MSc, IBME
Peter J. Kyberd, PhD, IBME
Edmund Biden, DPhil, IBME
The rollover shape (RoS) of the foot and ankle complex is defined as "the result of the transformation of the center of pressure (CoP) of the contact forces from laboratory coordinates into shank-based coordinates." Its original purpose was to find a...
Effects of Materials, Reinforcement, and Heat Treatment on Thermoplastic Solid Ankle-Foot Orthosis Mechanical Properties: A Preliminary Study
Fan Gao, PhD
Gary G. Bedard, CO, FAAOP
The mechanical properties of a solid ankle-foot orthosis (SAFO) are essential and can directly affect its capability of restricting the ankle joint and impact the gait patterns in a population with movement disorders. A better understanding of the ef...
Residual Muscle Contraction and Residuum Socket Interface Force in Men with Transtibial Osteomyoplastic Amputation
Anh Mai, MSc
Sesh Commuri, PhD
Carol P. Dionne, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS, Cert MDT
Jonathan Day, BS, CPO
William J.J. Ertl, MD
James L. Regens, PhD
This study examined the contraction of residual tibialis anterior and gastrocnemius muscles and their relationships to the distal residuum socket interface force during 3 types of gait activities in amputees with transtibial osteomyoplastic amputatio...