JPO 2014 Vol. 26, Num. 1

Editor's Comments
David A. Boone, CP, MPH, PhD
Osteoarthritic Knee Braces on the Market: A Literature Review
Kelly S. Brooks, BS, CP
Unloader knee braces in treating knee osteoarthritis (OA) create a varus or valgus moment at the knee, providing additional space in the joint space, thus relieving pain caused by bone-on-bone contact and improving knee function for activities of dai...
A Cohort-Controlled Trial of Custom-Made Foot Orthoses in Anserine Bursitis
Robert Ferrari, MD, MSc (Med) FRCPC, FACP
The objective of this study was to determine the proportion of subjects reporting recovery from anserine bursitis with prescribed custom-made foot orthoses in addition to local corticosteroid injection versus corticosteroid injection alone. At 8 week...
Newly Designed Foot Orthosis for Children with Residual Clubfoot After Ponseti Casting
Xue-Cheng Liu, MD, PhD
Channing Tassone, MD
Robert Rizza, PhD
Eric Linford, MD
John G. Thometz, MD
Roger Lyon, MD
Sergey Tarima, PhD
The purpose of this study was to validate the new Milwaukee Foot Orthosis (MFO) using pressure metrics. After acquisition of plantar pressure measurements and 3D foot dimensions by a computed tomography (CT) scan, 5 children with residual clubfoot de...
Measuring the Daily Stepping Activity of People with Transtibial Amputation Using the ActivPAL™ Activity Monitor
Arjan W.P. Buis, PhD
Tim Dumbleton, PhD
Kevin D. Murray, PhD
Brendan F. McHugh, PhD
Geoff McKay, PhD
Sandra Sexton, BSc
Activity monitors have been shown to be a relatively simple and reliable tool for measuring outcomes of prosthetic intervention, without interfering with activities of daily living. The long-term reliability of ActivPAL activity monitors was assessed...
The "Rigid Rocker" Posterior Shell Orthosis: A Convenient, Effective Alternative for Neuropathic Ulcers?
Casandra J. Rosenberg, MD
Karen L. Andrews, MD
Ross Terman, CO
Current neuropathic foot ulcer treatment focuses on pressure offloading. For patients for whom standard devices are suboptimal, an alternative orthosis, the Rigid Rocker, was created. Requirements included a custom footbed for pressure relief, multip...
Characterization of How a Walking Boot Affects Balance
Adam D. Goodworth, MS, PhD
Michelle Kunsman, PT, DPT, CWS
Victoria DePietro, DPT
Gina LaPenta, DPT
Kathryn Miles, DPT
Jenna Murphy, DPT
The influence of offloading orthotic devices on postural control has received little attention despite their widespread use. We therefore tested the hypotheses that a nonpneumatic walking boot (WB) increases body motion during balance tests and that ...
Using Orthoses to Advance Motor Skills in a Child with Noonan Syndrome: A Case Report
Jennifer Parent-Nichols, MSPT, DPT, PCS
Deborah Nervik, PT, MHS, DPT, DHS, PCS
The use of supramalleolar orthoses (SMOs) was explored as an adjunct to physical therapy in treating Noonan syndrome. It was hypothesized that the improved biomechanical alignment may assist with promotion of skill development and mobility. In theory...