JPO 2015 Vol. 27, Num. 1

Editor's Comments
Steven A. Gard, PhD
Design, Implementation, and Testing of a Small Bidirectional Locking Clutch for Hand Prostheses
Narendra Vaidya, PhD
Bryan Buchholz, PhD
This paper presents the design, implementation, and testing of a miniature bidirectional locking sprag-style clutch which locks in either direction of rotation. If the load in the hand tries to back-drive the digits, this clutch allows the hand to ho...
Clinical Investigation of High-Density Electromyography Data and Pattern Classification Accuracy for Prosthetic Control
Craig Prime, MSc
Yves Losier, PhD
Usha Kuruganti, PhD
High-density EMG (HDEMG) systems allow noninvasive collection of myoelectric signals from many closely spaced electrodes. The data obtained can be examined through the use of "color maps" providing a visual indication of the distribution and intensit...
Efficacy of Splinting Variations in Two Different Treatment Protocols in Trigger Thumb
Serap Alsancak, PT, PhD
Senem Güner
Sinan Bilgin
This study aimed to evaluate the comparative final outcome of two different conservative treatment protocols for stenosing tenosynovitis of the thumb (trigger thumb) using three different types of splints (one daytime splint used by both groups and t...
Patient Adherence to Instructions of Weaning into Scoliosis Orthosis Wear
Kevin M. Felton, MLA, CO, LO, FAAOP
Scott Savage, BS, CPO, LPO
Lori Karol, MD
Teaching patients and families how to initiate use of spinal orthoses is an important facet of clinical practice; however, there have not been objective data concerning the efficacy of different weaning protocols. All patients in this cohort were pre...
Capturing Quality Clinical Videos for Two-Dimensional Motion Analysis
Stefania Fatone, PhD, BPO(Hons)
Rebecca Stine, MS
Motion analysis, particularly two-dimensional (2D) analysis, can be a useful tool for prosthetists and orthotists in their clinical practice as it provides a mechanism by which improvements in motion as a result of device use may be documented and qu...
Effects of Custom-Molded and Prefabricated Hinged Ankle-Foot Orthoses on Gait Parameters and Functional Mobility in Adults with Hemiplegia: A Preliminary Report
Vicky Pardo, PT, DHS
Sujay Galen, PT, PhD
Julie E. Gahimer, PT, HSD
Allon Goldberg, PT, PhD
Hinged ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) have been shown to improve gait and functional mobility in both adult and pediatric populations with neurological disorders. To date there have been no studies comparing a custom-made articulated AFO (C-AFO) to a pre...