JPO 2015 Vol. 27, Num. 4

Editor's Comments: Is Orthotics and Prosthetics a Profession?
M. Jason Highsmith, PT, DPT, PhD, CP, FAAOP
Letter to the Editor: An Orthotist's Concern about Research Findings and Recommendations
Thomas J. Cutler, CPO, FAAOP, CPHM
Reply to the Letter to the Editor Regarding Our Article "Effects of Custom-Molded and Prefabricated Hinged Ankle-Foot Orthoses on Gait Parameters and Functional Mobility in Adults with Hemiplegia: A Preliminary Report" (J Prosthet Orthot 2015;27:33–38)
Vicky Pardo, PT, DHS
Sujay Galen, PT, PhD
Julie Gahimer, PT, HSD
Allon Goldberg, PT, PhD
Clinical Outcomes of the Michigan Cranial Reshaping Orthosis: A Retrospective Review of Outcomes Measured by Three-Dimensional Laser Scanning
Ammanath Peethambaran, MS, CO, FAAOP
Kevin Hickey, MSPO, CPO
Rebecca Patterson, MSPO, CO
Alicia Foster, MS, CPO
Infants treated for positional cranial asymmetry involving plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, and scaphocephaly are often treated with cranial reshaping orthotic helmets to encourage symmetrical cranial growth. The low-profile bivalve Michigan Cranial Res...
SmartTemp Prosthetic Liner Significantly Reduces Residual Limb Temperature and Perspiration
Matthew M. Wernke, PhD
Ryan M. Schroeder, BS
Christopher T. Kelley, MS
Jeffrey A. Denune, CP
James M. Colvin, MS
Common materials used for prosthetic liners and sockets have poor thermal properties, thus insulating the residual limb and resulting in thermal discomfort and increased perspiration. This study compares the temperature increase and amount of perspir...
Factors Influencing the Reliability of the Universal Goniometer in Measurement of Lower-Limb Range of Motion: A Literature Review
Fatma Mohsin, BSc(Hons)
Anthony McGarry, BSc(Hons)
PgDip, PhD
Roy J. Bowers, HE (Dip)
Reliability of the universal goniometer (UG), which is commonly used clinically to measure lower-limb joint range of motion (ROM), is essential to ensure consistency of measurement between and within practitioners. This literature review highlights v...
Comparative Effectiveness of Electric Vacuum Pumps for Creating Suspension in Transfemoral Sockets
Matthew J. Major, PhD
Ryan Caldwell, CP
Stefania Fatone, PhD, BPO(Hons)
There is increasing evidence to support the benefits of vacuum-assisted suspension (VAS) as a means of securing lower-limb prosthetic sockets to the residual limb. As VAS use increases, there is need to assess the comparative effectiveness of differe...
Design of Prosthetic Components for Skiing: A Preliminary Study
Karen Margaret McQuarrie, BSc (Hons)
Kjetil Atterås, BSc (Hons)
Anthony McGarry, PhD
Current prosthetic components may not optimize the center of mass (COM) of skiers with transfemoral amputations, resulting in poor control and balance. This may explain why transfemoral prosthetic users often choose to ski without a prosthesis. Exist...
Dynamic Effectiveness Evaluation of Elevated Vacuum Suspension
Maria J. Gerschutz, PhD
Michael L. Hayne, MS
James M. Colvin, MS
Jeffery A. Denune, CP
Elevated vacuum suspension has clinically demonstrated superior prosthetic linkage. This study dynamically evaluated distal displacement for vacuum and suction suspension. The average distal displacement was 2.65 mm ± 1.21 mm for suction suspension, ...