JPO 2016 Vol. 28, Num. 2

Editor's Comments
Phillip M. Stevens, MEd, CPO, FAAOP
Real-World Walking Performance of Individuals with Lower-Limb Amputation Classified as Medicare Functional Classification Level 2 and 3
Elisa S. Arch, PhD
Ozan Erol, MSc
Connor Bortz, BS
Chelsea Madden, BS
Matthew Galbraith, BS
Anthony Rossi, BS
Jessica Lewis, BS
Jill S. Higginson, PhD
Jenni M. Buckley, PhD
John Horne, CPO, CPED
Using measures of real-world walking performance in conjunction with clinical measures and the clinician's expertise may be an ideal way to ensure patients receive the optimal prosthetic treatment. Currently, there is only limited understanding of th...
Passive-Dynamic Ankle-Foot Orthoses with Personalized Bending Stiffness Can Enhance Net Plantarflexor Function for Individuals Poststroke
Elisa S. Arch, PhD
Darcy S. Reisman, PT, PhD
Plantarflexor weakness is a common impairment and significant contributor to gait dysfunctions in individuals post-stroke. The spring-like bending stiffness of passive-dynamic ankle-foot orthoses (PD-AFOs) has the capacity to replicate many of the fu...
Monitoring Prosthesis User Activity and Doffing Using an Activity Monitor and Proximity Sensors
David W. Gardner, MSME
Christian B. Redd, MSE
John C. Cagle, BSE
Brian J. Hafner, PhD
Joan E. Sanders, PhD
Characterizing a prosthesis user's field activity may provide information relevant to his or her clinical care. The purpose of this research was to incorporate doffing and donning information into activity characterization of individuals with transti...
Caregiver Satisfaction for Orthotic Management of a Severely Involved Child with Cerebral Palsy Seen at Age 7 Years and 19 Years
Audrey Yasukawa, MOT, OTR
Bryan Malas, MHPE, CO
Patricia Martin, PT
A single-subject case report of a female with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy (CP) who participated in a 2003 pilot study was undertaken to determine the long-term compliance and satisfaction with orthoses used to manage elbow contractures, as well as ...
Method to Screen for Abnormal Deformation at the Interface between Foot and Functional Foot Orthosis
Anthony Papadopoulos, PhD, CPed
The weightbearing foot assumes the reference plantar morphology while resting on a functional foot orthosis that is supported by a flat surface. The weightbearing foot, however, can assume a different plantar morphology from the reference while resti...
Elastic Strengthening Band Grasp Solution for Individuals with Upper-Limb Amputations
M. Jason Highsmith, DPT, PhD, CP, FAAOP
Gail A. Latlief, DO, FAAPMR
Eve Sepulveda, CP, BOCO
N. Joseph Shamp, CPO
Leif M. Nelson, DPT, ATP
James T. Highsmith, MD, MS, FAAD
Billie Jane Randolph, PT, PhD
Following amputation of the upper limb, participation in strengthening and range of motion exercises with use of elastic bands has been limited because of loss of grip. This technical solution utilizes a common gel liner and permits a low-cost attach...