JPO 2016 Vol. 28, Num. 3

Editor's Comments
Mark D. Geil, PhD
Impact of a Four-Session Physical Therapy Program Emphasizing Manual Therapy and Exercise on the Balance and Prosthetic Walking Ability of People with Lower-Limb Amputation: A Pilot Study
Christopher Kevin Wong, PT, PhD, OCS
Matthew J. Varca, DPT
Catharine E. Stevenson, DPT
Nicholas J. Maroldi, DPT
Jennifer C. Ersing, DPT
Julie E. Ehrlich, DPT
The objectives of this pilot study were to determine whether a four-session physical therapy program of manual therapy, exercise, and functional training would 1) be feasible for people with lower-limb amputation and 2) produce medium to large effect...
An Open Source 3D-Printed Transitional Hand Prosthesis for Children
Jorge M. Zuniga, PhD
Jean Peck, OTL, CHT
Rakesh Srivastava, MS, CPO
Dimitrios Katsavelis, PhD
Adam Carson, BS
This study aimed to identify anthropometric, active range of motion, and strength changes after six months of using a wrist-driven 3D-printed transitional prosthetic hand for children with upper-limb deficiencies. Anthropometric, active range of moti...
Active Spinal Orthosis to Reduce Lumbar Postural Muscle Activity in Flexed Postures
Daniel D. Johnson, PhD
James A. Ashton-Miller, PhD
Albert J. Shih, PhD
This article describes a prototype actively powered lumbar spinal orthosis that can be programmed to permit a gradual increase in range of motion. The hypothesis was that wearing the orthosis would reduce trunk extensormuscle activity in a range of f...
Use of Two-Piece Foot Orthoses to Adjust Lateral Inclination Angle in Medial Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment
Yoann Dessery, PhD
Étienne L. Belzile, MD
Sylvie Turmel, RN
Philippe Corbeil, PhD
Individualization of lateral inclination of foot orthoses (FOs) is necessary to optimize the reduction of knee adduction moment (KAM) in medial knee osteoarthritis patients. This study aimed to determine whether comfort and mechanical impact on the k...
Impact of Physical Therapy for a Patient with Multiple Limb Amputations Secondary to Legionnaires' Disease: A Case Report
Sally Marie Taylor, PT, DPT, NCS
This case report describes a patient with multiple limb amputations due to medical complications resulting from community acquired Legionnaires' disease (LD). The physical therapy evaluation, examination, diagnosis, interventions, and outcomes along ...