Chapter Presidents Council

The Chapter Presidents Council is composed of all chapter presidents (or a representative of their choice). In addition, a board member is appointed each year to serve as a liaison to this council.

Funding for the attending of the chapter president, or representative, at the Chapter Presidents' Workshop is left to the discretion of individual chapters.

Council Goals and Objectives

  • Provide demographic data, set membership goals, outline procedures to meet these goals, encourage renewal of membership.

  • Create and maintain an ongoing relationship between the Academy and the Chapters.

  • Promote interrelationships between Chapters.

  • Assist Chapters in defining their roles.

  • Assist in the formation of new Chapters

Duties of the Chair

The duties of the chair of the Chapter Presidents Council shall be:

  • Preside over all meetings of the council; prepare meeting agenda and ensure the recording of minutes, a copy of which shall be sent to the Academy executive director at the National Office.

  • Preside over the Chapter Presidents' Workshop at the Annual Meeting.

  • Create avenues for two-way communication between the chapters and the national level of the Academy.

  • Develop and implement programs to assist local chapters.

  • Coordinate with the Academy staff, as necessary, to develop programs to attract new members to the Academy.

  • Develop budget requirements, if any, for the Chapter Presidents Council

  • Prepare committee reports (as requested by the Academy president) for presentation to the Board of Directors; these reports shall be submitted to the Academy executive director.