Chapter Elections & Officers


Each Chapter should hold election of officers every one or two years, depending upon the specifications of their individual Chapter Bylaws. All new officers should begin their term of office on December 1st, the beginning of the Academy fiscal year.

It is recommended that each Chapter establish a nominating committee. This committee should consist of the three most recent past presidents.

Discussion of election of new officers should begin in the early spring so that the nominating committee has enough time to carefully consider prospective candidates. Elections should take place in the late summer/early fall.

Chapter Officers

The President is responsible for coordinating all Chapter activities, including meetings, conference calls, special projects and symposiums. In addition, he/she is responsible for reporting all Chapter activities to the Academy in the Annual State of the Chapter Report. He/she appoints committee chairs and oversees the overall activities of any committee established by the Chapter. Along with the Secretary/Treasurer, he/she shall oversee the financial records of the Chapter.

Vice President
The Vice President works closely with, and acts in the absence of, the President and performs other such duties as may be assigned by the President.

The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for the minutes of all meetings and conference calls of the Chapter. He/she will notify the committee members of meetings and conference calls. Along with the President, he/she will oversee all financial records for the Chapter.

Chapter officers, as such, receive no salary for their services. Reimbursement may be allowed for those expenses properly incurred in connection with Chapter duties. Reimbursement guidelines are determined by the individual Chapter.