Bylaws Governing All Societies

Academy Societies

Section 1.

ESTABLISHMENT. A group of 20 or more Academy members may petition the Academy Board of Directors to establish a Society. Societies may be instituted to facilitate the formation of research and to increase the exchange of knowledge within those areas of interest. Petitions shall be routinely processed unless special circumstances should warrant a review by the Board.

Section 2.

OFFICERS. Each Society shall have a Chairman, Vice Chairman, a Secretary-Treasurer, and other officers or committee chairs as elected and they must be registered with the Academy Executive Director.

Section 3.

BYLAWS. Society Bylaws are not required as all activities are covered under Academy Bylaws, Article XIV. However, Society activities may not conflict with the Certificate of Incorporation or the Bylaws of the Academy or its Chapters. Power to determine whether conflicts exist rests with the Academy Board of Directors.

Section 4.

TERMINATION. Recognition of a Society will be withdrawn if its membership falls below 20 Academy members or if it fails to transmit its list of members and annual report to the Academy by the close of the Academy's fiscal year. The Academy Board may withdraw recognition of a Society for other good and sufficient reasons. Such action requires a majority vote of the members of the Board of Directors.