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Cara Negri, BSME, CP
PnO Data Solutions, Director
Phone: (800) 498-01265762
Fax: (206) 598-4761
Teri Rosenbaum-Chou, PhD
Modus Health, LLC
Director of Clinical Research
Washington, DC 20007
Phone: (202) 830-1100 ext. 66
Sarah Sawers, CO, LO
Northwest Prosthetic and Orthotic Clinic
600 Broadway, Suite 190
Phone:(206) 323-4040

Committee Chairs

Scientific Liason

John T. Brinkmann, MS, CPO, FAAOP - Chair
Membership Committee & Website Committee

Sarah Sawers, CO, LO - Chair
Newsletter Committee

Teri Rosenbaum-Chou, PhD - Chair
Academy Annual Meeting Committee

Brian Kaluf, CP - Chair
Journal Club

Cara Negri, BSME, CP - Chair

Committee Chairs are appointed positions. If you are interested in being involved in any of the committees, please contact the chair listed above.

Mission Statement

The Gait Society's mission is to promote gait analysis as a method for advanced clinical care and research and to further educate orthotists, prosthetists and other medical professionals about the analysis and treatment of gait disorders in order to improve the functional abilities of physically challenged individuals in our community.

Gait Society Goals

The Gait Society's goal is to serve as an educational resource for the O community by offering articles, seminars, and/or instructional courses on topics of interest involving gait. Topics of interest include the following:

  • Current research findings
  • Clinical gait analysis techniques such as clinical gait evaluation
  • Outcome measures
  • Gait development
  • Specific gait abnormalities

By educating our members on these topics, we hope to meet the increasing need for evidence-based practice in the evaluation of gait.

Please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions. There is no better way to be involved than to get involved. You can also email general inquiries to Andrew at the Academy - .

Gait Society Resources

Gait Society Networking Website

Visit the Gait Society Networking website for additional resources including forums, networking opportunities, image and video hosting and more! The site aims to be the go-to site for gait professionals. Check it out! Access to the site is part of membership in the Gait Society.

See the Gait Society Member list here

See the Gait Society Reference Library here

The Bipedal Exchange - the Gait Society Newsletter.

Most recent issue:

Bipedal Exchange, April, 2013

Past Issues:

Download a past issue of the Bipedial Exchange, Gait Society Newsletter
August, 2011
October, 2010
July, 2009
January, 2009
July, 2008
August, 2007

Go to the NEW Gait Society member only networking website here. (if you are a member and have not received an invitation, please join at the site). Non-members are welcome to browse for a complimentary 2 weeks before having to join the Society.

Society Membership Application

If you are a current member of the Academy, you may join the Gait Society by submitting the Society Membership Application by mail or email, or by calling the Academy at (202) 380-3663.