Society Officers


The primary responsibility of the Society Chair is to ensure the Society is working toward the goals and objectives as outlined in this handbook. He/she is responsible for coordinating all Society activities, including meetings, conference calls, special Society projects, and symposia. He/she appoints committee chairs and oversees the overall activities of any committee established by the Society. Along with the Secretary- Treasurer, he/she shall oversee the financial records of the Society.

Vice Chair

The Vice Chair works closely with the Chair and performs all duties of the Chair at meetings and conference calls in the absence of the Chair. He/she acts as the Program Chair for submitting an abstract for potential inclusion in the Academy Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium.


The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for the minutes of all meetings and conference calls of the Society. He/she will notify committee members of meetings and conference calls. Along with the Society Chair, he/she will oversee all financial records of the Society.

Society officers, as such, receive no salary for their services. Reimbursement may be allowed for those expenses properly incurred in connection with Society duties.