Society Requirements

Society Membership

All practitioners who are eligible for membership in the Academy must first join the Academy in order to be eligible for membership in any Society.

Active Status

To remain an active Academy Society, a minimum of 20 active Academy members must be paid members of the Society as of December of each year.

Associate Society Members

The Academy may extend Associate Society membership to an individual not involved in the independent or direct delivery of orthotic/prosthetic product/services (as defined by the ABC Scope of Practice) and who is not eligible for any category of Academy membership (except Honorary membership), in recognition of his/her contributions to the professions of orthotics and prosthetics. Associate Society membership shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors in the Board's sole discretion. Applications for Associate Society membership shall be forwarded quarterly by each Society to the Board for consideration, and continued Associate Society membership shall be reviewed and approved annually by the Board.

Annual Reports

Each active Society will submit a yearly activity report to the Societies Council, and submit a full copy of their annual report to the Academy Executive Director by the end of the fiscal year. Each report should include information on the number of active members, an analysis of the year's projects including financial information, successes from the previous year as well as areas of improvement, and plans for future Society activities. The report should be completed by the outgoing or continuing Society Chairman.

Society Dues

Society members must pay yearly dues as determined by the Academy Board of Directors. The dues generated from Society membership are used exclusively to support Society activities. Half of the Societies' dues are for operation of the Scientific Societies Council and other administrative functions. The other half of the Societies' dues goes directly into the Societies' budgets. The money in the Societies' budgets may be used for activities that will meet the Societies' expressed goals and objectives. Funds for additional or special projects that a Society would like to do must be requested in writing to the Academy Board of Directors at least thirty (30) days prior to the next Board meeting. Society dues notification will be part of the regular Academy dues renewal notice. Funds collected, but not spent, will revert to the Academy's general funds at the end of the fiscal year.

Society Elections

Elections will occur every two (2) years by mail ballot. All Society elections will take place within (60) days of the Academy's Annual meeting. Nominations should be made and finalized by the Academy Annual Meeting during the election year. All new officers begin their term of office on July 1, the beginning of the Academy governance year. All officers serve a two (2) year term.

In the event of a vacancy in the offices of Chairman, Vice Chairman or Secretary-Treasurer the nominating committee appoints a person from the active membership of the Society to fill the vacancy until the next election.

Nominating Committee: Each society will have a nominating committee that will prepare a slate of officers. The nominating committee will consist of the immediate past chair, the chair and at least one other active Society member who is not a current officer. The nominating committee shall issue a call for nominations on the societies list serve at least 30 days prior to the Academy's Annual Meeting and the final slate will be posted on the societies webpage within a week of the Academy's meeting. If no more than one nomination is received by the Nominating Committee for each office the Nominating Committee may select a slate and the secretary may cast one vote for the slate without sending out a ballot and the slate will be considered elected.

Society Officers


The primary responsibility of the Society Chairman is to ensure the Society is working toward the goals and objectives as outlined in this handbook. He/she is responsible for coordinating all Society activities, including meetings, conference calls, special Society projects, and Symposium. He/she appoints committee chairs and oversees the overall activities of any committee established by the Society. Along with the Secretary-Treasurer, he/she shall oversee the financial records of the Society.

Vice Chairman

The Vice Chairman works closely with the Chairman and performs all duties of the Chairman at meetings and conference calls in the absence of the Chairman. He/she acts as the Program Chairman for the Society's portion of the Academy Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium, and should be encouraged to work with the Academy Program Chairman.


The Secretary-Treasurer is responsible for the minutes of all meetings and conference calls of the Society. He/she will notify committee members of meetings and conference calls. Along with the Society Chairman, he/she will oversee all financial records of the Society.

Society officers, as such, receive no salary for their services. Reimbursement may be allowed for those expenses properly incurred in connection with Society duties.