Scientific Societies Committee

The membership of the Scientific Societies Committee is comprised of the Chairman of each Society and the Board liaison who serves as the Committee Chairman. The Academy President, with advice from the Board of Directors, appoints a member as Chairman for the Committee for a one-year term to coincide with the Academy governance year.

Scientific Societies Committee Purpose

The Academy Board of Directors established a Scientific Societies Committee. One of the purposes of the Committee is to serve as a liaison between the Societies and the Academy administration. The Committee communicates needs of all Societies and attempts to see that those needs are met appropriately. The Committee Chair submits a written Mid-Year Progress Report and a Year-End Report to the Academy Board.

Duties of the Chair

The Chair will be a member of the Board of Directors and will serve as the primary liaison reporting to the Board on the work of the Committee.

Academy Membership
All practitioners who are eligible for membership in the Academy must first join the Academy in order to be eligible for regular membership in any Society.
Active Status
To remain an active Academy Society, a minimum of 20 Active Academy members must be paid members of the Society as of July of each year.
All Academy members in good standing who are dues paying members of the Society are entitled to vote and hold office.
Expelling Members
Society officers will be responsible for reviewing all requests for disciplining or expelling Society members. Membership status of a society member can be withdrawn by a two-thirds vote of Society members voting at the Society's annual meeting. A statement of the charges must be mailed to the last recorded address of the member at least 30 days before any vote is taken. The member shall be given the opportunity to defend such charges at the next Society Annual Business Meeting prior to a vote being taken. If the member wishes to defend himself/herself against the charges he/she must notify the Society Chairman in writing at least 15 days prior to the next annual Society meeting.
Annual Reports
Each Society will submit a yearly activity report to the Scientific Societies Committee, and submit a full copy of their annual report to the Academy Executive Director by the end of October. Reports should include the number of active members, an analysis of the years' projects, information on expenses for the year, successes from the previous year as well as areas of improvement, and plans for future Society activities. The report should be completed by the outgoing or continuing Society Chair.
Society Elections
Elections will occur every two (2) years by mail ballot. All Society elections will take place within (60) days of the Academy's Annual meeting. Nominations should be made and finalized by the Academy Annual Meeting during the election year. All new officers begin their term of office on July 1, the beginning of the Academy governance year. All officers serve a two (2) year term.

In the event of a vacancy in the offices of Chairman, Vice Chairman or Secretary-Treasurer the nominating committee appoints a person from the active membership of the Society to fill the vacancy until the next election.

Nominating Committee: Each society will have a nominating committee that will prepare a slate of officers. The nominating committee will consist of the immediate past chair, the chair and at least one other active Society member who is not a current officer. The nominating committee shall issue a call for nominations on the societies list serve at least 30 days prior to the Academy's Annual Meeting and the final slate will be posted on the societies webpage within a week of the Academy's meeting. If no more than one nomination is received by the Nominating Committee for each office the Nominating Committee may select a slate and the secretary may cast one vote for the slate without sending out a ballot and the slate will be considered elected.