Prosthetic Foot/Ankle Mechanisms

This interactive on-line course will guide you through the results of a consensus conference held in April 2005 and sponsored by the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists. The conference of engineers, biomechanists, prosthetists, physical therapists, and physicians set out to examine the body of scientific evidence that supports the clinical prescription and use of prosthetic foot and ankle mechanisms.

Tags: Prosthetics, State of the Science Conference Findings
Credits: 12
This course has been approved for ABC, BOC, and CBC continuing education credit.
Expiration date: September 30, 2018
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Final exam: 101 multiple choice questions, 80% must be correct to pass.
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Course Preview
Prosthetic Foot/Ankle Mechanisms
Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Terminology in Prosthetic Foot Design and Evaluation
Section 2 Exam 33 Questions
Section 3: Human Foot and Ankle Versus Prosthetic Foot/Ankle Mechanism Function
Section 3 Exam 17 Questions
Section 4: Choosing an Appropriate Foot/Ankle Mechanism
Section 4 Exam 17 Questions
Section 5: Scientific Methods to Determine Functional Performance of Prosthetic Foot/Ankle Mechanisms
Section 5 Exam 8 Questions
Section 6: Research and Clinical Selection of Foot/Ankle Mechanisms
Section 6 Exam 20 Questions
Section 7: Future Research and Recommendations
Section 7 Exam 6 Questions