CATs Critically Appraised Topics
for Orthotics and Prosthetics


The ultimate objective of Critically Appraised Topics (CATs) is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge derived from published evidence into clinical practice.

Critically appraised topics (CATs)

A critically appraised topic (CAT) is a standardized, brief summary of research evidence organized around a clinical question. CATs are intended to provide both a critical summary of primary knowledge sources (e.g., journal articles) as well as statements regarding the clinical relevance of the results. As such, they represent a translation of primary knowledge sources into more accessible secondary knowledge sources, with the ultimate objective of facilitating the transfer of knowledge derived from published evidence into clinical practice.

The Academy Secondary Knowledge Committee is focused on aiding Academy members' consumption of academic research in terms of access, quantity, and clinical implementation. One of the committee's goals is to develop this library of CATs. CATs are reviewed by the committee and, when appropriate, by a person with advanced knowledge of the particular topic.

Author Instructions for CATs.

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Current CATs Date published Author
Effect of lateral in-shoe wedge on reducing pain in medial knee osteoarthritis Members Only Content - Locked 12/2015 Nina Bondre, MPO; Michelle Hall, CPO, MS FAAOP(D)
Energy expenditure of walking with energy storage and return feet compared to SACH feet Members Only Content - Locked 11/2015 Micheal A. Bezzant, Martin T. Neely, W. Lee Childers PhD, CP
Myoelectric or Body-powered Prosthesis Members Only Content - Locked 10/2015 S.L. Carey,PhD; D. Lura, PhD; M.J. Highsmith
The effect of the BiOM powered prosthesis on mechanical and metabolic energetics during level walking Members Only Content - Locked 10/2015 Lisa M. Abernethy, Cassandra M. Delgado, W. Lee Childers PhD, CP
The effect of elevated vacuum suspension systems on residual limb volume is unclear from current literature Members Only Content - Locked 8/2014 R.D. Funderburk, W.L. Childers
Reduction in falls associated with use of microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knees among community ambulators with transfemoral amputation Members Only Content - Locked 5/2014 C. McDonald, LCPO; B. Hafner, PhD