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Book Review: Adapt My World: Homemade Adaptations for People with Disabilities
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Title: Adapt My World: Homemade Adaptations for People with Disabilities

Authors: J. Rose Plaxen
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2 edition; Number of pages: 184
Reviewed by: Kristin Barth

In Adapt My World: Homemade Adaptations for People with Disabilities, J. Rose Plaxen shares adaptations she created for her daughter throughout her childhood. This book consists of adaptations to make the areas of home, play, and school more accessible for children with disabilities.

The book starts with an introduction from the author about her experience having a child with disabilities and how creating accommodations was key in helping her daughter excel. Also included at the beginning of the book is a forward from the author’s mother about how these everyday adaptations have helped her granddaughter and can help others. The book includes a shopping list of items that are useful to have on hand for quick projects as well as numerous ideas for adaptations. Each adaptation is simple and easy-to-follow with only a few items required to accomplish.

The workbook feel makes the publication a quick read and provides space to take notes for each of the suggested adaptations. Examples include “Utensils on a String” to prevent dropping utensils when eating, “Zipper Helper” to assist a child in zipping up his/her own clothes, and “Name Stamp” to give a child who has trouble writing the independence of putting his/her name on school assignments.

The steps for the adaptation are also simple and straightforward. Some of the adaptations also provide alternatives or variations. For example, the “On/Off Aide” adaptation helps a child turn on and off electronics. The required materials are first-aid strips and the electronic devices you are adapting. The instructions have you place the first-aid strip on the power button of the device to help a child easily locate the correct button. J. Rose Plaxen also includes a variation of using a dot of nail polish on the power button instead of a first-aid strip.


Adapt My World: Homemade Adaptations for People with Disabilities is a great resource for the family or caregiver of a child with disabilities. The adaptations are manageable and can make a significant difference in a child’s life as they did for the author’s daughter. This is a resource O&P professionals could provide or recommend to their pediatric patients’ families. In addition, the O&P professional may be able to recognize certain adaptations from the book that may be of assistance to a specific patient. In addition, this resource can help a child with disabilities participate in more aspects of his/her life, thus providing benefits for the child, family, and healthcare provider.

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