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Book Review
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Title: It's Just a Matter of Balance -You Can't Put a Straight Leg on a Crooked Man

Author: Kevin S. Garrison, CP, LP
Publisher: iUniverse; Number of pages: 136
Reviewed by: Elizabeth Peterson, resident prosthetist, board eligible orthotist

It's Just a Matter of Balance-You Can't Put a Straight Leg on a Crooked Man is the story of the author's journey from smug high school jock to certified prosthetist with his own practice. Garrison discusses how a minor foot injury interrupted his innocence in the late 1960s. As the story continues and a Desmoid tumor is diagnosed, Garrison takes the reader on a journey through his teenaged denials and emotions. His late high school antics are comical, yet laced with a touch of self-loathing.

Garrison manages to pull himself out of the depths of self-pity when he develops a curiosity about his very ill-fitting Symes-style prosthesis. A mechanical-minded tinkerer, he becomes motivated to explore a career in prosthetics and pursue a quest to fabricate "properly designed limbs."

On his path to adulthood and throughout his education, Garrison is led to different parts of the country. The opportunities that present themselves to him can only be seen as compliments to his talents.

In summary: This book is ideal for those looking to get into the field. Garrison touches on the requirements that he needed to attend prosthetics school and gives insight on what current students can expect (from patient models to the dreaded critique). Featuring a humorous but sincere forward from Academy President-Elect Mac McClellan, CPO, LPO, FISPO, FAAOP, this is an enjoyable, quick read that can easily fit into the "inspirational" section of a personal library.

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