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Book Review
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Title: Psychosocial Aspects of Healthcare, 3rd ed.

Author: Meredith E. Drench, PhD, PT; Ann Noonan; Nancy Sharby; and Susan Ventura
Publisher: Prentice Hall; , 360 pages
Reviewed by: Meagan Clark, MA, CPO

Psychosocial Aspects of Healthcare includes five sections that help clinicians understand their own attitudes and beliefs as healthcare providers, appropriate components of effective communication, loss and grief, lifespan transitions, and conditions that challenge care such as psychiatric disorders and abuse.

Specific orthotic, prosthetic, and allied health examples can be found throughout the book and are paired with effective follow-up discussions and additional resources such as online support for patients and caregivers. Improvements in the third edition include an in-depth focus on multicultural topics, spirituality in healthcare, and a new chapter on abuse and neglect. This text provides an extensive focus on verbal and non-verbal communication between the practitioner, patient, and caregivers. Furthermore, the chapter on communication discusses how to effectively conduct a client-centered evaluation and create a safe communication environment. The text recommends effective communication strategies including how to create avenues that support motivation and treatment plan adherence. The impact of disability throughout an individual's lifespan is a heavy theme throughout the text, and one highlight includes the age of disability or chronic condition onset. Disability focal points include physical disability, sudden-onset disability, developmental disabilities, and the social construct of disability. The final section of the text discusses barriers to effective care including psychiatric disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, and caregiver abuse.

Summary: This text is intended for a wide range of healthcare practitioners and includes specific orthotic and prosthetic references and examples. The authors have connected current evidence-based literature and theory to clinical practice. Overall, this text presents sensitive information in a well-researched and practical way, and can benefit students, residents, and senior clinicians alike.

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