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Book Review: Orthotics in Functional Rehabilitation of the Lower Limb
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Title: Orthotics in Functional Rehabilitation of the Lower Limb

Authors:  Nawoczenski, Deborah A., Epler, Marcia E.
Publisher: W.B. SAUNDERS COMPANY, 280 pages
Reviewed by: Santiago J. Muñoz, CPO, FAAOP

The book is a fundamental resource for health-care providers involved in the use or prescription of orthotic devices. Written in 1997, the authors present information about different orthoses based on the current empirical data and evidence of their effectiveness. The nine chapters cover regions of the body where orthoses can be applied. There is a brief anatomy description of the hip, knee, ankle, and foot. It offers a simple explanation of certain biomechanical
principles, pathomechanics, and rationale for use. The background in Physical Therapy and expertise of the authors is highlighted when a whole chapter is dedicated to the adhesive strapping techniques of the knee and ankle.  Black and white pictures, graphics, and useful illustrations support the text. Each section offers enough bibliography and references.

In summary: The book is intended to offer basic information to practitioners or students across a variety of disciplines involved in the orthotic recommendation process. An experienced orthotic practitioner could find the content extremely simple and brief. Clinicians involved in sports medicine, athletic training, orthopedics, and adult neurologic rehabilitation may find a quick source of reference. Many of the orthoses and manufacturers mentioned in the book are not available or in business at this point.  


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