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Research Publications
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To find research publications on any topic, please use the website search box above. The search function will place the closest matches to your search terms at the top of the resulting list.

Critically Appraised Topics

A critically appraised topic (CAT) is a standardized, brief summary of research evidence organized around a clinical question. CATs are intended to provide both a critical summary of primary knowledge sources (e.g., journal articles) as well as statements regarding the clinical relevance of the results. As such, they represent a translation of primary knowledge sources into more accessible secondary knowledge sources, with the ultimate objective of facilitating the transfer of knowledge derived from published evidence into clinical practice.

State-of-the-Science Conference Findings

The State-of-the-Science Conference Findings (SSCs) are the published findings of the Academy's State of The Science Conferences which serve two equally vital purposes. They offer clinical guidance about those practice fundamentals that have been scientifically validated, defining and encouraging best practices in the field and training programs. They also identify research priorities that will strengthen the science used to support clinical decision-making in the future. Unless otherwise noted, these conferences and the printing and distribution of their findings have been fully funded by the United States Department of Education Special Demonstration Programs-Projects for Orthotic and Prosthetic Research.

Evidence Notes

Evidence notes are brief summaries of current evidence regarding specific health technologies. They provide a synopsis of up-to-date synthesized evidence in the form of systematic reviews or evidence reports. Evidence notes do not provide healthcare recommendations but direct clinicians, manufacturers, third-party payers, and other professionals to sources of evidence that support decision making.

Literature Updates

The Academy Literature Update is a regular e-publication that lists current research in orthotics and prosthetics published outside of the Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics (JPO)

Academy Resident Research Awards

The Academy Resident Research Awards are comprised of the best of the research projects performed by students enrolled in an NCOPE residency program. Papers that do not qualify as research using the scientific criteria applied by the Academy Research Council, but which may still be of interest to our members, are posted as “Papers of Interest.”

Thranhardt Lecture Series

The Thranhardt Lecture Series is part of an education fund established in 1996 in memory of Howard R. Thranhardt, CP by the Southeast Hanger Companies. All abstracts submitted for presentation at the Academy Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium are considered for the Thranhardt Lectures (unless the author chooses not to have his or her abstract considered). The Academy Clinical Content Committee reviews and selects the abstracts that meet the requirements for the Thranhardt Lectures. Those selected present their papers during the Opening Session of the Annual Meeting.



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